Sichuan science and Technology Museum


I、Program background


Sichuan science and technology museum is a kind of public welfare science popularization education institution. It was founded in 2006, covering an area of 60,000 square meters with a floor area of 40,000 square meters. It was free to the public from May 1, 2015. Since the establishment of the museum, the annual average reception and the annual number of popular science activities customers have exceeded one million, and the total number of visitors has reached 23.12 million.

An increase in the number of people leads to an increase in the failure rate.

  Sichuan science and technology museum has set a target for its exhibits, whose available ratio is above 97 percent.

  Ma Xin, outreach minister of Sichuan science and technology museum, said: "the damage has been severe recently, and the available rate can only be maintained at 95%."

  According to the minister, the science and technology museum has been over 9 years since 2006, and many of the exhibits have aged badly. Science and technology museum exhibits were usually custom, which took a long time to wait for separate custom manufacturer. And the manufacturer might have even gone out of business. The maintenance cost of customized parts is high, "the product with serious aging is broken after repaired for a few days." According to the survey, one exhibition area of Sichuan science and technology museum has the available rate of less than 80%.

 Spend 120 million upgrading

Update of exhibits are so slow that can only wait for the big transformation. According to the thinking of the curator, Mu Wenhu, the science and technology museum, which has been built for 10 years, has gradually lost its attraction because of the old and small variety of exhibits, made it more difficult to assume its functions as a base for science popularization education. You have to think about the next round of upgrades.

The good news is that Sichuan science and technology museum would be closed on June 18, 2016, and the director of Sichuan science and technology museum said that the museum was closed to perform science function better. As a cultural construction project supported by Sichuan provincial science and technology association during the 13th five-year plan, the construction of new pavilion would be funded by 120 million RMB for 15-month transformation. The new museum will be added at least 4 experience pavilions with an expanded area of approximately 5000 square meters. The new museum will integrate the recent hot AR and VR technology to add a number of colorful interactive experience items. For example, visitors can fly a plane in the air space gallery, and experience three different patterns such as normal flight, fly in the bad weather and accident management, and feel the way of handling the plane in different situations.

Similar interactive experience projects include feeling lift, space capsule, boating, interactive performance wall. In particular, it is worth mentioning that 360 degree bike, in this project, tourists can step on the bicycle for 360 degree rotation, when the pedal is on the top of the device, the whole person stands upside down, the brain is filled with blood, thrilling and exciting.

The renovated science and technology museum has opened the exhibition hall of "robot world", which has many robots, such as star man, robot Eva, robot which shoot with great precision, robot with multitasking, robot called Shushu, Robot shop, finger guessing game robot and robot which every shot hits the target. They will build a 2.0 version of the national science experience center, the universal center and the innovation exhibition center. The renovation project is expected to be completed and opened to the public in 2017. "The new pavilion will reach the level of the next decade."

II、Program profit

Stereoscopic display technology helps experience innovation of science museum

In order to make new museum after upgrading reach truly the level that in the next decade is not the backward level. As the highest level of science and technology summit, Light of the Internet expo in Wuzhen, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd also boost the upgrading of Sichuan science and technology museum with the world's most advanced stereo display technology.


Stereoscopic display includes glasses-free 3D, AR/VR, holographic projection and other technologies. Their appearance means that they can bring computer technology to the real world, which can make the technology more accessible to people's real life, and more accord with people's viewing experience. It is the trend of future display technology.

Stereoscopic display technology is the enhancement and reduction of visual image, and the fusion of virtual image and real image. Stereoscopic display technology has three characteristics: virtual reality fusion, real-time interaction and 3D registration.

The combination of virtual reality and real-time interaction can help us grasp information more accurately and clearly in the transmission of information. And the three-dimensional registration can make the receivers have more immersion and the sense of reality, so that enhances the visual impression.

It is easier to understand and have impression when we use stereoscopic display technology to do the popularization of science.

After upgrading, the science and technology museum was reborn, with a permanent exhibition area of 25,000 square meters. The renovated exhibition area is divided into four different floors with different experience functions.

During the trial operation stage, only 1,000 experience quota could only be obtained through the appointment, which couldn’t meet the public's demand for the museum's visit. Sichuan science and technology museum had increased the number to 5,000 urgently on December 26th.


III、Programme design

3.1 Digital signage for propagandizing and popularizing stereoscopic display

3.1.1 Hardware design—display board and display content

3.1.2 Content design— glasses-free 3D promotional video

Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd has its own content production team, and it can greatly improve the production efficiency of 3D content through the self-developed 2D and 3D content array server, which has made 16 promotional video for the science and technology museum, including:

l  Aerospace, happy growth, perception and sharing, exploration of natural mysteries, the Dujiangyan hydro project

l  Mechanical, virtual, dynamics, acoustic and photoelectric hall, robot world, healthy life, science and technology hall with transportation, bioscience hall, ecological home hall, disaster prevention and safety, curious life.

3.2 The theme background wall of the restaurant

Science and technology museum can host a lot of science and technology competitions, which must receive all ages of students and children. Then, in the rest of the meal, they can enhance the impression of knowledge through the interactive game of glasses-free 3D.


As the background wall of theme restaurants, use one set of 4 x 4 glasses-free 3D TV wall with star theme. Through playing 3D video of science popularization with the strong visual impact of glasses-free 3D, seize the customer's attention, let visitors also can enjoy the pleasure of technology while dining.

IV、Real picture