Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd lights up Light of the Internet Expo and focus on the 2.0 era of glasses-free 3D vision



The fourth world Internet exposition- Light of the Internet Expo located as "international, innovation, future, leading, integration" was held in wuzhen town, zhejiang province for 5 days. There were more than 400 global Internet enterprises and innovation enterprises, showing the latest trend of Internet development and advanced technologies in the world. The conference had ended on December 6.


In the exposition, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd displayed some stereoscopic display device such as 4K high-definition glasses-free 3D TV, glasses-free 3D vertical screen advertising machine and glasses-free 3D mobile phones. The shocking 3D effect was unanimously confirmed by the visitors.


Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd was set up in the experience area of no.6 pavilion. The average daily attendance of the exhibition stands at about 100 people. The glasses-free 3D technology that beyond VR/AR wearable virtual equipment and can assist with VR/AR had been favored by many media journalists such as Hong Kong TV, Zhejiang Radio and Television, Qianjiang Eveing News, People's Daily, Donews. People who want to experience the glasses-free 3D also had an endless stream of visitors. The audiences were full of curiosity and interest in the realistic and shocking effect of glasses-free 3D.


In the exposition, many enterprises and social research fields, such as the geographical surveying and mapping institute, smart city planning research institute, and media enterprises, have made an offer to us after knowing about the glasses-free 3D technology in detail. They hope apply glasses-free 3D technology with innovation and enhanced experience in its field to show their respective styles in a more realistic and stereoscopic form.


When a large number of audiences came to our exhibition hall, their first feeling was that compared with two years ago, nowadays, the glasses-free 3D technology was impressive. Rapid iteration, which is one of the most impressive people on the Internet. In the world of the Internet, there will never be static. "innovation-driven" makes the great ship of the Internet keep sailing.


Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd has continuously explored and innovated in the glasses-free 3D technology, and we are committed to providing the overall solution of stereoscopic display, and constructing a whole industrial chain that covers the comprehensive application of 3D intelligent hardware, glasses-free 3D, VR, AR and other technologies, as well as 3D content production. From the customers' demands, in order to improve the comfort and convenience of product in using, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd has did a lot of breakthrough innovation in the research and development of products. Products adopt the non-lenticular grating technology with nano-scale processing, has achieved the characteristics of 158-degree visual angle, super multi-view, high resolution, ultra-high transmittance and 2D / 3D blending. Additionally, the display product is equipped with 3D broadcasting software with patented technology -"intelligent image adjustment algorithm", which can not only adjust the parameters according to different video, but also support the real-time adjustment of 3D field depth to adapt the viewing habits of different people.

Compared with previous years, the number of professional visitors who participate in the Internet through online registration has increased significantly, especially for professional audiences from overseas and other provinces.313129859385225826_调整大小.jpg

The audiences were fond of the two functions which independently adjust the depth of field and switch 2D into 3D randomly. 158-degree of wide view angle and realistic and stereoscopic effect of 4K high-definition glasses-free 3D TV made them impressive. Audiences were strongly hope that glasses-free 3D mobile phones and TV could be more popular, and really came into household use in the future.


Light of the Internet Expo had ended, while the advanced Internet technology still continues to do the innovation, the future belongs to the stereo vision. The emergence of 3D display technology is another technological revolution after color replaced black and white in the image field, In terms of data and user demand, the glasses-free 3D screen is the real demand of users, the stereoscopic display of the intelligent digital product in consumption level may be the next stream. With the large-scale development of the 3D industry, in the future, 3D will gradually deepen into various families and become an important part of entertainment life.