Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd showed up at the smart hotel exposition Glasses-free 3D open brand new hotel technique experience





The China (Shanghai) international intelligence hotel exposition was held at the national convention center in October 2017, and this exposition is aimed at the fact that many hotel groups have a very strong breakthrough demand for smart software and hardware. As a technology innovation enterprise, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd took kinds of glasses-free 3D products to participate in the exposition.


With China's economic transformation and consumption upgrading, it is imperative to adjust and upgrade the industry structure of hotel industry. The core of hotel transformation is that through digitalization and network, so that realize electronic, information and intelligence of six elements –“food, living, transportation, tour, shopping, entertainment”, ultimately provide comfortable and convenient experience and service for tourists.


  • New experience of  Glasses-free 3D in science and technology


Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd displayed the newest glasses-free 3D TV wall in the exposition, whose shock 3D effect attracted many people. Products adopt the non-lenticular grating technology with nano-scale processing, has achieved the characteristics of 158-degree visual angle, super multi-view, high resolution, ultra-high transmittance and 2D / 3D blending. Additionally, the display product is equipped with 3D broadcasting software with patented technology -"intelligent image adjustment algorithm", which can not only adjust the parameters according to different video, but also support the real-time adjustment of 3D field depth to adapt the viewing habits of different people. Products has strong compatibility and can support mainstream 3D video formats. 3D video like side-by-side format, 2D+Z format, top-and-bottom format can convert into 3D model with multi-view, which makes users have more choices. For this new 3D technology, representatives of many hotel groups also said that this would be a new technology experience in the hotel industry.


  • Take the Glasses-free 3D into the hotel scene and deepen the experience of the Technology Hotel


In order to bring users to the scene of technology hotel better, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd moved the 4K high-definition glasses-free 3D TV into the special model room of hotel, so that users can feel and experience the 3D shock effect without the glasses in the hotel room.

From now, glasses-free 3D TV of Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd has cooperated with James Joyce Coffetel, Lavande Hotels and Dongcheng hotel, the shocking experience also impressed many passengers.


  • Marvel Cloud Vision One-stop solution

On the day of the exposition, there are brands with different needs from star hotels, hotels, resorts, high-end restaurants, coffee shops, fast-food chains, the cake rooms, entertainment venues, clubs and theme parks. The development of electronic, information and intellectualization needs more than a set of glasses-free 3D equipments and more content to enrich it. Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd not only has advanced hardware and technical support, but also has a professional content production team to improve the content output line. The team makes use of the super workstation to turn 2D content into 3D content through semi-automatic and manual intervention, while ensuring the high accuracy of the transformation quality, and the efficiency is increased by 80 times. For these tourism and hospitality industry, we provide one-stop glasses-free 3D solution from 3D broadcast terminal devices to 3D content conversion services.