Meishan medical care science museum


Ⅰ、Project background

In October 2016, the central general office and the state council issued the outline of the "healthy China 2030", which clearly put forward the goal of "healthy China". According to the outline, in January 2017, the general office of the state council issued "the chronic disease prevention and control of long-term planning in China (2017-2025), the first " diabetes 50 +" forum and the establishment of meishan medical care science museum" were for carrying out the specific actions on the project.

Through various efforts and strong technical and content strength, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd cloud has the honor to participate in the construction of China's first medical science popularization experience hall, China meishan medical care science museum.

Ⅱ、Programma profit

On November 21, the opening of the first medical care science museum in China with the theme of medical care were unveiled by Mu Xinhai, secretary of Municipal Party Committee, with Yang Huanming, the academician of the Chinese academy of sciences and dean of the school of Shengzhen genomics. Luo Jiaming, deputy secretary of CPC Committee and mayor, Huang Chuanlong, member of the Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and minister of Organization Department, Cao Hui, deputy mayor, Sun Jian, secretary of District Committee, Song Ji, deputy secretary of District Committee and district mayor, Lu Mingchun, secretary of Party Working Committee of Jingkai new district and other district leaders and relevant department heads attended the opening ceremony of the medical care science museum. Song Ji hosted the ceremony. In the unveiling opening ceremony, Sun Jian, secretary of the district committee, said that without the national health, there would be no overall well-off society. This medical care science museum was a popular science platform which was based on the "healthy China" proposed by the communist party of China (CPC). It was an open platform for popularization of popular science, scientific research, new drug product display and other functions so that perfect and equip the biological medicine industry chain in the whole region. The unveiling of the medical care science museum will further enhance the influence and popularity of the "western medicine valley" industrial park in China. It will also boost Meishan to become an international center of chronic diseases and senile diseases with a wide influence in China.

In the future, Meishan will publish the latest innovations in global and chronic diseases in China regularly, and plan to settle forum permanently in Meishan, and make it the most high-end diabetes academic brand meeting in China. The "Western Medicine Valley", as the direct contact point of China Food and Drug Administration, and the pilot demonstration park for the first batch of drug listed license holders in Sichuan province, which is in the critical period of accelerating the construction of a multi-billion pharmaceutical industrial park. This forum "business invitation" would effectively attract the attention of the national famous diabetic project and upstream and downstream enterprises, research institutions and industry experts to focus on Meishan and invest in Meishan, and will promote the Meishan pharmaceutical industry to make great efforts.

New goal, new journey. It was proposed that Meishan would carry out a multi-million baseline survey, establish a network system for monitoring slow disease, and promote collaborative development of health career and health industry by the platform of Meishan medical care and science museum, which provided a reference sample for the implementation of the healthy China strategy, and promoted the construction of healthy Meishan, and gradually developed Meishan into a national model city, a national research and production center for chronic disease innovation management, and a famous medical and health care resort in the world.

Stereoscopic display technology helps experience innovation of science museum

With the establishment of the above strategy and meeting objectives, how to make the pavilion features display, seize person eyeball, strengthen promotion with modern science and technology and innovative ways, which is the key of the construction of the venue. Stereoscopic display technology of Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd has given the answer.


Stereoscopic display includes glasses-free 3D, AR/VR, holographic projection and other technologies. Their appearance means that they can bring computer technology to the real world, which can make the technology more accessible to people's real life, and more accord with people's viewing experience. It is the trend of future display technology.

Stereoscopic display technology is the enhancement and reduction of visual image, and the fusion of virtual image and real image. Stereoscopic display technology has three characteristics: virtual reality fusion, real-time interaction and 3D registration.

The combination of virtual reality and real-time interaction can help us grasp information more accurately and clearly in the transmission of information. And the three-dimensional registration can make the receivers have more immersion and the sense of reality, so that enhances the visual impression.

It is easier to understand and have impression when we use stereoscopic display technology to do the popularization of science.

Ⅲ、Programma design

3.1 The combination of stereoscopic display technology and science popularization content

This solution took use of stereoscopic display technology, hardware, content and display ways to do the publicity and promotion of popular science.

Meishan medical care and science museum is divided into two subdivisions of diabetes exhibition hall and stem cell exhibition hall, include multiple independent exhibition such as diabetes development, healthy diet of diabetes, famous doctor hall, healthy life, stem cells - baby diabetes, the popularization of human body structure, development history of diabetes diagnosis and treatment.

Each exhibition area has a deep and simple explanation about the formation, history and treatment history of diabetes, and how to treat diabetes through healthy life, balanced diet, rational medicine and multi-party cooperation.

Treatment method, the cooperation of medicine, the introduction of the western medicament valley and the development history of diabetes had attracted many patient and general public while the popularization task was completed, and popularize the whole "western medicinal valley" and Meishan medical care and science museum. Do promote the coordinated development of health career and health industry through the platform of Meishan medical care and science museum.

Diabetes exhibition hall


Stem cells exhibition hall


3.2 Hardware design

Glasses-free 3D intelligent blackboard


Glasses-free 3D TV wall 3x3:




3.3 Content design

Diabetes exhibition hall

l  Glasses-free 3D science popularization video of famous doctors hall

l  Glasses-free 3D science popularization video of diabetes formation and development history

l  Glasses-free 3D science popularization video about diabetes treatment by healthy diet

l  Glasses-free 3D science popularization video of healthy life

Stem cells exhibition hall

l  Glasses-free 3D science popularization video of stem cells

l  Glasses-free 3D science popularization video of baby diabetes

l  Glasses-free 3D science popularization video of human body structure

l  Glasses-free 3D science popularization video of human body cells

l  Glasses-free 3D science popularization video of diabetes treatment development history

Ⅳ、Real picture