The application of glasses-free 3D technology in the field of maternal and child health care-The expert seminar was held in Shanghai.



This conference was a collaboration between the Chinese women's and children's health association and Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd, and studied the application of glasses-free 3D technology in the field of maternal and child health care with the experts of maternal and child health care, deeply discussed the relevant content about training of pregnant women, early pregnancy education, obstetrician training, neonatal first aid and obstetric first aid in the possibility of glasses-free 3D technology’s application. At the meeting, for the combination of glasses-free 3D technology and medical field, everyone was freely spoken and actively interactive. This was not only an opportunity for deep communication between the two sides, but also an innovative attempt of glasses-free 3D technology in the field of maternal and child training.

In addition, the experts who participated in the conference visited the exhibition hall of stereoscopic display and content production center. The exhibition hall covered glasses-free 3D mobile phone, 4K high-definition glasses-free 3D advertising machine, stereoscopic TV wall and other terminal devices, and the stereoscopic display solutions for every industry, which gave the experts deep impression.


The meeting was held to improve the teaching level of maternal and child health care industry in personnel training and pregnant women's schools, and to present some human functions, physiological mechanisms and pathological processes more directly, more dynamically and more truly, so that enhance students' perception ability and improve their learning effect. The glasses-free 3D technology which Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd owns could provide immersive teaching experience, which could assist the training in a more realistic perspective for the detailed analysis of the internal body structure, such as the training of pregnant women and the early education of pregnancy. The glasses-free 3D image without glasses not only has the advantage of image definition, smoothness of the picture, the sense of three-dimensional display and the comfort level. Compared with the flat surface teaching mode, it can also improve the teaching efficiency by 50%, which will play a key role in the students' quick mastery.

Recent years, 3D market has also cultivated inner momentum, and business models and industrial chains in each segment have gradually matured. 3D technology gradually applies in some research fields such as education and integrated healthcare, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd has begun to try to apply the glasses-free 3D to the clinic and provide integrated medical treatment plan. At present, stereoscopic display technology is gradually undergoing innovative attempts in the field of minimally invasive surgery. For example, in 2016, Shanghai Ruijin hospital has completed the first live VR operation in China, and Guangzhou medical university has completed the operation of glasses-free 3D thoracoscopic surgery. The vision of glasses-free 3D and the perception of depth will help doctors to dissection, suture and identify key areas, especially improving the doctors' perception for depth, which is impossible to have the excellent effect in 2D, so the development of glasses-free 3D technology has milestone significance in the surgical field.

The maternal and child health association is always at the forefront of the industry, not only dedicates to promoting the revolution and development of the maternal and child health, but dares to innovate and try to cross-fields cooperation with high-technology and medical training, so as to improve the professional skills of the maternal and child health workers. Since the establishment of Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd, which is focused on providing glasses-free 3D solutions in health, education, advertising media, cultural innovation, the popular science propaganda, uses new display technology to innovate and active the traditional industry. In this conversation, we can see the possibility of the cross-field collaboration between glasses-free 3D technology and the maternal and child health association in the future, and also let us see the new trend of the development of future medical professional training. Glasses-free 3D is gradually entering our life. With the dual support of market and technology, we can fully foresee that in the near future, glasses-free 3D technology will be applied in more scenes to form more new integrated industries.