Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sichuan Xinhua Publishing Group


When Cultural industry encounter vision revolution

On November 3rd, the sixteenth Western China Expo with the theme of "Western China and world opportunities" was opened in Chengdu. Today, the signing ceremony of cooperation between state-owned enterprises and enterprises in Sichuan province has been held in the same period. On the afternoon of the same day, at the meeting, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Sichuan Xinhua Publishing Group. Cui Baohua, the Sichuan provincial Party committee, the United Front Secretary and Xuan Xun, the provincial SASAC deputy director jointly witnessed.

The signing ceremony of the cooperation project of the state-owned enterprises in Sichuan and the enterprises at home and abroad

Both sides would aim at establishing a new type of electronic publications in mainland China, a new type of VR physical bookstore and strategic cooperative partnership in the education service industry with the objective of resource integration, mutual complementarity and win-win cooperation. Both sides would actively explore effective cooperation models in technology and market, and enhance the competitiveness of respective products and services.

The CEO of Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Miss LiuZhu and the Vice President of Sichuan Xinhua Publishing Group Mr Ke jiming

Sichuan Xinhua Publishing Group focuses on the publishing and publishing industry chain, and makes layout in the fields of publishing, newspapers, printing, logistics, store management, e-commerce and education services, and implements the operation of the whole industry chain. In the future, Xinhua tries their best to promote two transformation strategies, transform from a single publishing group into a comprehensive publishing and media group with a full industrial chain, and transform itself from a traditional cultural and industrial group into a modern cultural service group. Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is a new and high technology enterprise which focuses on the field of stereoscopic display technology. Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd is engaged in research and development of glasses-free 3D, VR, AR and other stereoscopic display devices, as well as stereoscopic content creation, transformation and other supporting industries so that provide the most professional and perfect stereoscopic display solution, which aims to create a complete stereoscopic display ecosystem.

According to the agreement, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd will create western headquarters in Chengdu, including a series of stereoscopic display core technologies such as research and development center, production center and content creation center. With the aim of technology and production is rooted in Sichuan, create overall develop plan and prioritize the development of Sichuan distribution. The Xinhua Group will also give full play to its local advantages to ensure the investment in the talents and resources which are needed for the project, and push forward the implementation of the Sichuan cooperation project.

Stereoscopic display technology must be the future of vision display field, president of Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd, Miss Liu Zhu said in Western China International Fair, Mcloud would be the integrator of glasses-free 3D, AR, VR and other stereoscopic display technology, would speed up the development of new digital book media and expand the market of educational materials with the advantage of publishing industry, and innovate the traditional publishing industry with new display technology.

Miss. Liu Zhu also introduced that the total amount of the strategic cooperation project amounted to 500 million. The two sides are promoting the upgrading project of Xinhua bookstores. They will integrate multi-form stereoscopic display technology to create a new offline store experience and reading body. The common goal of both sides is to build Xinhua bookstores into a complex cultural synthesis with humanities, technology and life, and become a new landmark of fashion culture. In addition, the two sides would work together to create an ecosystem composed of Xinhua members, innovative devices, new digital books and media, etc., to build an e-commerce platform for cultural transmission, and use big data to achieve precise delivery of products and better member services.