Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd joined the CES Asia 2016, glasses-free 3D 2.0 era takes the lead in arriving.


The second Asian consumer electronics show (hereinafter referred to as "CES Asia 2016"), which is concerned by the consumer, opened at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai yesterday. As the world's most influential consumer technology industry exhibition, Asian consumer electronics exhibition will showcase the breadth and depth of the Asian market innovation. At the same time, CES Asia has become the vane of new science and technology trend, the major manufacturers of science and technology field gathered in Shanghai, bring the latest products and technologies for everyone.

In the CES exhibition, the six focus industries such as smart wear, intelligent robot, unmanned aerial vehicle, intelligent car, virtual reality and glasses-free 3D technology were the most expected by media and the public. Compared with the previous high-tech, glasses-free 3D has become the most popular technology in the public and the most advanced technology in our life with mature technology, rich content and perfect application. As the high-tech company which focuses on the glasses-free 3D field, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd exhibited the self-developed glasses-free 3D mobile phone, 4K high defintion glasses-free 3D TV and the world’s first glasses-free 3D stereoscopic TV wall, and used the vision experience of glasses-free 3D to make everyone take a lead in seeing future.


Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd focuses on the research of glasses-free 3D display technology, applies self-developed non-edge transmission grating by nanometer process in glasses-free 3D stereoscopic TV wall, which achieves 158 degree viewing angle, multi-view, high resolution, high light transmittance, and the characteristics of 2D / 3D integration. And in the exhibition, multi dimension 4K high definition glasses-free 3D TV wall that Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd exhibited not only achieved the screen expansion, but because of its visual impact, rich visual expression and stunning viewing experience, has become the focus of attention, let the audiences can’t help watching.

The latest generation of glasses-free 3D smartphones on the first display of the world wide world is the most popular. In configuration, the smart phone uses a 6 inch 1080p fully HD display, with a 16 million pixel SONY IMX298 sensor and a camera with dual color temperature and double flash. The glasses-free 3D smart phone uses LCD electrically controlled grating of exclusive design and development which supports 2D / 3D free switch. It not only has excellent 3D effect, but also has a perfect presentation in 2D mode. It is reported that the glasses-free 3D smartphone will be sold in mainland China in the second half of this year.

In addition, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd not only has advanced hardware and technique support, but also a professional content production team, provides one-stop glasses-free 3D solution. Relying on the self-developed 2D-3D and 2K-4K intelligent transformation technology, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd can provide a full ecosystem visual display service from 3D terminal device to 3D transformation service for cinemas, advertising shows, science and technology exhibitions, research institutes and other fields. With the help of the top innovation and display stage of CES Asia, the whole series of glasses-free 3D products will be pushed to the forefront of science and technology.