Esslinger, Apple designer, made conversation with “Jobs” in 3D field


   "He's a minority who's been right for the first time." Jobs once said that about him. Esslinger, founder of the prestigious "frog design" company in international design and creator of Apple Snow White, has developed a global design strategy for well-known international companies such as Apple, Louis vuitton, Lufthansa and SONY. And he has been hailed as the most influential industrial designer in the United States since 1930s. As a keen interest in the trend of visual development, earlier, Esslinger was beginning to focus on the development of glasses-free 3D display technology and the applications in the design field. In recent days, Esslinger attended the signing ceremony of the strategic partner of Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd and DE TAO media, and took this opportunity to discuss with Dr. Li ying qiao, "Jobs in 3D field", how to use the design to create a temperature technology brand.

When it came to how China could build a brand that rivals Apple, Esslinger said Apple may be the most design-focused electronics company, but he didn't want a second Apple in China. There was many good and talented designers in China, and broad design development space, but China should create original brands with its own cultural genes in its own cultural soil.

The conference had revealed two key messages that design assisted brand core and glasses-free 3D 2.0 era was coming. This signing ceremony is also the beginning of the deep cooperation between Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd and DE TAO media. As a master of strategic design, Mr. Esslinger would give full support to the strategic planning, product strategy design and other fields of Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd and build the core of brand innovation. For building a brand, Esslinger believed that design was not simply copy, paste or "carry". In addition to design, designers more lacked how to integrate technology, ecology and economy, so that product design became ecological sustainability, while allowing people to experience happily and use safely.

As early as 2011, the glasses-free 3D had officially entered the market, and the glasses-free 3D manufacturers had started to introduce the conceptual products, but the products had been gradually losing momentum due to the limitations of technology. However, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd had boldly invested in the glasses-free 3D field. Although it was less than a year old since company established, it had many years of technical accumulation, and had always maintained a professional and comprehensive one-stop service concept in 3D technology. The chairman of Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd, Dr. Lee, is obsessed with technology, and had spent the past four years and over 400 million dollars to launch a new generation of glasses-free 3D products. However, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd would not only put 3D glasses on the screen, but also develop 3D full-platform hardware for glasses-free 3D, build 3D video content platform and 3D game distribution platform so that formed a complete 3D ecological chain. Instead of being a follower, be a person who can lead the technology trend from 0 to 1.

So far, nearly 500 of the world's leading industry leaders have joined DE TAO and became DE TAO master cluster, which has brought together the wisdom, technology and service of 62 industries in 30 different countries. With regard to the details of cooperation, the two sides revealed that Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd would cooperate with experts in various fields such as industrial design, visual arts and marketing, etc., take advantage of the expertise and experience of masters in various industries, and bring the glasses-free 3D technology advantages of Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology to the extreme, and create the most influential glasses-free 3D brand in China.