2D-3D conversion


Professional production team and production platform

Be composed of an array server with five super computer servers, the independently developed artificial intelligence software in 2D / 3D conversion, and professional production team. Each team ensures that the daily average output of more than 15 minutes of 3D content, compares to traditional technology, the conversion efficiency increase 120 times.

With the unique 3D conversion algorithm, 80% of the workload is completed by the computer, when ensuring the high accuracy of the transfer quality, and shortening the production time of the later period.

High quality, a variety of output formats

The output quality of the Hollywood level, the rectification and correction rate is less than 15%, which is the highest level in the industry;

The degree of manual intervention can be reasonably planned according to the classification of the source type.

Support real-time preview of 3D effects, support various 3D formats output that have covered 99% of 3D video formats, such as "2D+Z format", "side-by-side format", " top-and-bottom format", "nine house grid", etc.

Strict security management

Encryption key is authenticated by the ISO 27000 credit security, apply to all workstations that access to the content conversion from 2D to 3D, and limit the external network connection. Additionally, only the s-class administrators and customers have read permissions for complete films, which fundamentally guarantees the security and privacy of the sources.