28″ 、46″ 、50″、 55″、65″、82″、110″ UHD Full high definition display


High transmittance, no loss of brightness

The mainstream of the industry- Lenticular Lens technology, which can help show excellent 3D effect under the premise of the high transmittance.

Multi-view, 158-degree ultra-wide viewing angle

Multi-view mapping and conversion technology of glasses-free 3D screen,which is suitable for many people to share the 3D experience.

UHD 4K screen

High color saturation and wide range of color coverage, vivid and clear picture, so that every detail can be seen.             

There is no ghost image in the frame, no drop frame and influent image

Digital image enhancement technology is adopted to effectively reduce the problems such as screen interference, recombination and contouring, and eliminate the visual fatigue, thus rendering excellent 3D effect.

Compatible with a variety of 3D video formats

The core image driven broadcast control technology with exclusive patent is compatible with 3D video format such as " side-by-side ", "2D+Z format" and " top-and-bottom", and supports normal 2D video.

Self-adjust 3D field depth

GF3D-FPGA hardware control panel can adjust the field depth parameters in real time according to the different pupil distance and viewing habits.