Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd takes use of excellent glasses-free 3D display technology, and will truly and intuitively show the content in front of audiences, especially for antiques and natural landscape that have more strict environmental requirements, can do the 3D display. The vivid stereo effect can greatly deepen the audience impression of display content.

Functions and Advantages

Functions & Advantages

Integrated display air box

The integrated display air box (built-in holder) , supports installation without tools, and overall safety of the equipment meets the security needs of large crowds of people.

Attract attention and promote the popularization of science popularization

The content of popular science is visually presented with glasses-free 3D, which is more attractive than 2D. Through intense visual experience and impact, it is more likely to arouse public interest and achieve better publicity effect.

UHD 4K ultra high screen, with multi-view and 158-degree wind angle of view

It is suitable for many people to share, so that the public can experience 3D at any time in the state of nature without any restriction of hardware equipment.


Case List

China science and technology museum-Mobile science and technology museum project

project background:

The project takes "experience science" as the starting point, and China association for science and technology and the local association for science and technology jointly cooperate with China science and technology museum and local science and technology museum to transport the exhibition to the old revolutionary base area and the economically underdeveloped region, and make a long-term exhibition in these areas. It is open to the public for free. For the masses, provide a place to participate in scientific practice. Through the interaction between the audiences and the exhibits and scientific experiments, the purposes of stimulating scientific interest, inspiring scientific ideas and disseminating scientific spirit, ideas and methods are achieved.

project plan:

Provide experienced 3D content production team, including content shooting, editing, art special effects, 3D content conversion and other professional personnel, as well as 3D special effects production team from top 3D animation company, who make the science documentary film with real shot and 3D special effects. The project has completed 10 science video in the first year of the mobile science and technology museum project, which covers aerospace, natural science, human geography, animal and plant and other fields.

Independently develop the integrated glasses-free 3D mobile display equipment. The DS50A is a 3D display screen that supports 4K high definition distinguishability and multiple media formats, and allows users to truly get rid of 3D glasses and have 3D visual experience.

This product has rich interfaces such as HDMI, RJ45, WIFI, etc., which can play multimedia information such as 3D/2D video, audio, text, picture and so on. Meanwhile, it has built-in android system which is easy to use and is stable and efficient. The whole machine is equipped with an integrated air box with built-in telescopic high-strength pull rod in order to meet the demand of portable mobile display.