With the consumers' visual fatigue on the flat advertisement, how to attract the consumers' attention and effectively improve the advertising effect in the shortest time, which has become one of the most important issues for advertisers. The authoritative statistics agency has carried out a survey on the broadcast effect of all kinds of advertising machines, and the results show that consumers' attention to glasses-free 3D advertising machine is 3.68 times that of the ordinary advertisement machine, while the consumers' memory of the content of the glasses-free 3D advertisement machine is longer than that of the ordinary advertising machine. To this end, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd has developed a set of overall solutions for the advertising media industry. From the content conversion to glasses-free 3D display device, it will more effectively deliver information to the target audience, increase brand awareness and maximize the effect of advertising.

Functions and Advantages

Functions & Advantages

Attract attention and promote the value of communication

Compare glasses-free 3D with 2D, glasses-free 3D can show the products more vividly. Through strong visual experience and shock, achieve better advertising effect, thereby achieving the goal for brand promotion.

Create specific 3D content

The core image driven broadcast control with exclusive patent is compatible with 3D video format such as “side-by-side”, “2D+Z format” and “top-and-bottom format”. According to the needs of clients, 2D advertising video transforms to 3D format, or shoot and create 3D advertising video.

Needs customerization

Except the ordinary size like 50”, 55”and 65”, the largest size of glasses-free 3D advertising machines can be 90”. Glasses-free TV Wall will adopt LCD super-narrow border, breakthrough the limitation of the traditional advertising machine size, also can be customized according to the requirements of field. According to the practical environment, configure parameters of related products, provide the best product adaptation degree, so that achieve the best view effect.


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