Smart education of glasses-free 3D breaks traditional education methods, combines the glasses-free 3D blackboard hardware device with the self-developed teaching resource software, integrates excellent resources in all aspects and integrates into a complete industry solution. From multiple dimensions like hardware, software and content platform, the whole ecological glasses-free 3D smart education is realized, and the immersive and experiential teaching environment is built. It is mainly used in the teaching institutions of K12 education, universities and various research institutes to build innovative classrooms and special classrooms.

Functions and Advantages

Functions & Advantages

iteacher-interactive teaching of glasses-free 3D

Immersive teaching—Glasses-free 3D video courseware can demonstrate educational knowledge more authentically and provide immersive teaching experience to attract students' attention and strengthen understanding. In the meantime, it can switch between 2D and 3D display mode with one key. Two-way interaction of multi-screen—Teachers can operate by the tablet anywhere in the classroom, realize two-way interaction between the documents, pictures and teaching video of the blackboard and tablet, and eliminate the inconvenience of operating multiple remote controllers and multiple terminals, so as to improve teaching efficiency and improve teaching quality. Multi-touch - 10 built-in touch technology, teachers can do sensitive touch operation in the screen directly, in the meantime, realize the sharing of blackboard writing and work distribution, and achieve the seamless joint between theory and practice, do real-time interaction. Thereby, the inquiry learning is completed and innovation ability of students is cultivated.

Support a variety of writing methods

Glasses-free 3D intelligent blackboard has very high compatibility, support use of dustless chalk and teaching pen at the same time, which reduces low environmental protection and the traditional chalk dust on respiratory damage, in accordance with science policy of national environmental health teaching.

Green teaching, filtering harmful light source

The surface of the glasses-free 3D intelligent blackboard adopts the high-light filtering technology, which will filter out 85% of the harmful light source for eyes, make the pictures softer and reduce the damage to the eyes of teachers and students.

Surfing the web without obstacles.

The glasses-free 3D intelligent blackboard has a built-in Windows operating platform, which can support online browsing and the installation of various teaching softwares, and greatly improve the convenience of teachers' teaching.

3D teaching content support - super workstation.

Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd depends on independent research and developed conversion solution of 2D / 3D video courseware, which help greatly shorten the production time of the 3D video courseware, precise and efficient 3D content transformation scheme creates a good condition for 3D teaching content resources expansion.


Case List

Innovative classroom ·Shenzhen Guangming Yulv primary school

Project background

Shenzhen Guangming Yulv primary school is focusing on promoting quality education, attaching importance to students' personality and development. In the first year of the 13th five-year plan, the Yulv school continued to implement the innovation foundation education, which would not only reshape the innovation in the teaching content, but also improve and optimize the teaching hardware. With the advanced design concept, Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd would design the innovative classroom and build the soft and hard power together to enhance the connotation of education continually.

Project plan:

As the hardware base of glasses-free 3D blackboard, which integrates the necessary function of a blackboard, a computer and a glasses-free 3D touch controller and a projection, so as to realize the immersive teaching demand;

Based on the auxiliary teaching of 3D high-quality teaching resources, the teaching materials of each subject are enriched and presented in 3D video and interactive forms so that improve teaching efficiency and students' memory and comprehension.

It adopts a variety of writing method such as water pens, dustless chalk and touch screen handwriting, so as to create a dust-free teaching environment for students, and green environment protection.

Under the premise of maintaining the original classroom structure, the teaching equipment is replaced, and the classroom space is expanded, and the classroom environment is bright, and the deployment and maintenance is relatively simple.


Characteristic classroom- The Suzhou Institute of Southeast University

Project background:

The suzhou institute of Southeast University is an integration of school-running entities with innovation carrier construction, hi-tech enterprises incubation and high-level personnel training, etc. Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd has a strong collaboration with the institute of high-tech technologies so as to boost innovative subjects through technology.

Project plan:

Taking the architecture department of the research institute as an example, with the premise of keeping the original teaching resources unchanged, the required softwares of major courses, architectural design courseware and landscape model can be displayed through glasses-free 3D smart blackboard which shows the stereoscopic effect and creates three-dimensional space concept.

The architecture models designed and made by students can be transformed into 3D models, and which is going to be able to do a full three-dimensional display on the glasses-free 3D smart blackboard. It's very accurate to see the model’s interior, and vivid teaching form is more conducive for learning courses.


Characteristic classroom- The robot research of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

project background:

The robot research of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has remarkable features and advantages in robotics, industrial robot and special robot research and development. Especially in recent years, artificial intelligence is hot, and robot manufacturing technology is at the core stage of development, and glasses-free 3D smart teaching of Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd will promote the courses development together.

Project plan:

In the research and manufacture of robots, it is helpful for cultivation of sense of space that use glasses-free 3D to demonstrate and analyze the internal structure of the electronic machinery and 3D modeling.

The experimental system which assists in scientific research shows that students can use 3D to do stereoscopic display such as 3D visual programming, 3D simulation and manipulation so that they can study autonomously.