3D Mobile ODM

3D Mobile ODM


As a direct consumer-oriented product, the glasses-free 3D smart terminal (mobile phone and tablet) can enjoy 3D effect anytime and anywhere without wearing 3D glasses. The strong sense of presence and immersion also provide good experience for consumers, and build an ecology chain that 3D content production, aggregation, and application with content platform, which can provide consumers with a full series of solutions of intelligent high-definition glasses-free 3D.

Functions and Advantages

Functions & Advantages

Switch 2D into 3D model by one key

The perfect combination that exclusive design LCD electronic raster and top bonding process, makes every detail stand up to scrutiny and show delicate 3D effect. Additionally, the raster can be completely off and restore 2D model with high definition and transmission perfectly.

Intelligent image adjustment algorithm and 3D customization

The self-developed 3D player software can intelligently adjust screen parameters and optimize the pictures according to different videos, and according to different pupil distance and viewing habits, the 3D depth of field can be adjusted independently, and the best 3D view that suits them is selected.

Smart application, the 3D view world in the pocket

3D shooting - based on surf feature extraction algorithm, the stereo matching of images and face correction function can be realized through one touch gently. And do the picture optimization through 3D pic-process, let the picture vivid on the screen.
3D video – be compatible with the mainstream 3D format video, while supporting automatic recognition and adaptation of video added by users to mobile phones. During the viewing process, the 2D/3D mode can be freely switched, and the 3D view can be adjusted according to the viewing habits, and the excellent 3D effect can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.
3D games - aggregate multi-category 3D games, release the flat space, and get a wide view of the screen. When operating the game, the mobile phone will not be hot, presenting a stable and perfect high-definition picture, let users have a good feeling in a game.


Case List

Mobile phone brand cooperation-CRE.Z glasses-free 3D mobile phone


Project background:

As the first glasses-free 3D mobile phone launched by Shanghai Kuanzhi Technology Co., Ltd, the CRE.Z glasses-free 3D mobile phone was done a crowdfunding in September 2016 on Taobao, and it was launched in the last 24 hours with an excess of 749 percent to finish crowdfunding. It was called "the phone with the best glasses-free 3D effect" in the media.

project plan:

Shanghai Marvel Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd provides glasses-free 3D screen module with good 3D effect for CRE.Z, and restores the real world in front of consumers.

By optimizing the layout of 3D broadcast control software and the precise grating design, 99% of the mole lines are reduced, and the image crosstalk rate is reduced by 95%.

The image is influent and don’t lose frame, has instant reaction and eliminates the visual fatigue.

Switch the view model from 2D to 3D by a key and don’t affect use in 2D model.

Equipped with a rich 3D content platform, which supports online and download viewing 3D movies, aggregates multi-category 3D games, and supports 3D shooting so that meets different needs of various customer groups.